Policing Cuts

Police Cuts Cross The Line

"It's time for the home secretary to listen to the professionals."

Today sees the launch of the 2nd stage of Kent Police Federation's campaign against the swingeing 20% cuts to police budgets that will leave the people of Kent with 500 fewer police officers and 1000 fewer police staff.

This advert is a "YouTube" video that reminds people of the many (but by no means all) roles performed by the police and, more importantly, what's at risk as a consequence of government cuts. When some, in light of the hacking scandal, seek to unfairly taint every police officer as being corrupt this video is also a valuable and at times stark reminder of what police officers do day in and day out for the communities they serve.

Ian Pointon, Chairman of Kent Police Federation says,

"The government is now getting a consistent message form all the police professionals - the police cannot cope with 20% cuts, the frontline is at risk and crime is at risk of rising. This video is an opportunity for the public to show their support."

"We have been accused of scaremongering. We have been accused of being irresponsible. Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary has now given the same warnings as we have. Is this independent watchdog scaremongering? Are they being irresponsible?"

"When it comes to law and order this government hasn't listened. When she became Home Secretary, Theresa May said to police officers, 'I will always back you, I will always support you, I will always fight for you.' Well words are cheap."

"Unlike her words, the maintenance of law and order, and public protection cannot be done on the cheap. It's time for the Home Secretary to listen to the professionals."