Police Magazine

March's edition of Police magazine is now online on the Police Federation website.

Here is the link to the Police magazine for March:


This month we take a look at the latest on pensions and how budget cuts are impacting on an array of areas which mean officers are often put under more strain.

News pages look at mental health - both the debate on keeping those with issues in police cells and officers themselves facing mental health issues. Steve White, chair of the Federation, calls for officers to be properly equipped for the job, local focus features concerns over resilience in Hampshire and Station Sgt gives his own unique look at the impact of stopping lawyers for speeding…

In our feature pages we ask the public why policing is not the top of people's career choice in 2015 (clue; tough job for salary and negative publicity feature). We also give an insight into the Federation's BME focus day plus an interview with Insp Nick Glynn, an officer seconded to the College of Policing and speaker at the event. He talks about what the service and Federation can do to encourage more diversity.

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