HMIC Report into crime reporting - "victims asked to investigate crimes themselves"

The release today of the HMIC's inspection of crime reporting in England & Wales claims that criminal damage and car crime are "on the verge of being decriminalised" because forces have "almost given up".

Ian Pointon Chairman of Kent Police Federation says,
"I am astonished that reports of the HMIC's findings take no account of the cuts that police forces have faced over the last 4 years. Kent alone has lost 500 police officers and 700 police staff colleagues with a further 100 police officers and over 200 police staff to disappear in the second round of cuts."

He continues,
"I can assure people that police officers and staff in Kent have not almost given up. Far from giving up they are trying their level best to protect the public in the most difficult of circumstances. Workloads have not decreased which means that calls and crimes have to be prioritised. That's the reality of the cuts."

He concludes,
"I have always been clear that swingeing cuts would have consequences for service delivery. Others chose to pedal the myth this would not happen; the myth that you can get more for less. I can assure the public that things will only get worse as the cuts continue to bite ever deeper."

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