Kent Police investigates more than 1,500 complaints

Media release

Figures reveal that Kent Police investigated 1,500 complaints in 2013.

Ian Pointon Chairman of Kent Police Federation says,

"Whilst it is right to take complaints seriously it is only fair that we put some context around the numbers. Kent Police receives around 800,000 calls from the public each year, that's a staggering 2,191 calls a day. 1,251 members of the public complained. So, on these figures alone, only 0.16% of people who contacted us then made a complaint; 99.84% didn't complain. I suspect that's a complaint rate that any private sector company would give its right arm for."
He continues,

"As well as responding to calls, police officers, PCSOs and staff colleagues have thousands of interactions with the public that are spontaneous such as for driving offences, offering assistance, etc. Whilst I fully accept there are genuine complaints, experience tells me that some can be vexatious or frivolous. Others can be tactical to muddy the waters of a criminal investigation. The headline figure does not tell the whole story."
He concludes,

"I understand the attraction of the headline but let's put it into context. 3,200 police officers, along with their staff colleagues, work tirelessly day in day out to keep the people of Kent safe. Do we get it right all the time? No, of course we don't; we are an organisation of human beings with all the frailties that involves. So please, let's keep these figures in perspective."

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