WINSOR - Joint statement PFEW & Supts Assoc

Dear Colleagues,

Please see the attached joint statement from Paul McKeever (Chairman PFEW) and Derek Barnett (President PSAEW). At a time when policing is under fire from all quarters, particularly those in Government from whom we deserve far better, it is heart warming, but unsurprising, that once again policing from Constable to Chief Superintendent is able to speak with one voice.

The question I ask myself is this. Where are the national leaders of policng? Where is ACPO? More importantly where is their staff association - CPOSA. Does either of these groups have a view on Winsor? Isn't it about time they did?

I wait with baited breath............... but not holding it!


Ian Pointon


The Police Federation and Police Superintendents' Association represent the interests of police officers from the rank of constable to chief superintendent throughout England and Wales.

Last week the former Rail Regulator Tom Winsor published a report containing 62 recommendations concerning the pay and conditions of police officers in England & Wales.

We recognise that it is over thirty years since the last full review of police officers' pay and conditions. The Edmund Davies Review heralded a long period of stability in policing where officers had confidence and trust in the arrangements to determine police pay. Police officers could go about the challenging and often dangerous business of protecting and serving the public confident that their contribution was valued and respected by government.

That stability, confidence and trust, hard earned by a work force that does not have industrial rights like others in the public and private sector, is now at risk.

We fully understand the fiscal difficulties this government faces and accept that the police service should take a fair share of the savings expected right across the public sector.

However, no other group of public servants have been singled out and subjected to an additional review of pay and conditions that, if fully implemented, will see almost £500 million taken out of the pay packets of police officers.

This breaks all the rules of trust and fairness and seeks to overturn agreements lawfully and legitimately entered in to through established principles of negotiation and arbitration.

Our members are disappointed at the pernicious release of disinformation that portrays police officers as overpaid and seeks to misrepresent legitimate terms and conditions as perks, bonuses and 'Spanish practices'.

The Police Federation and Superintendents' Association together will approach any negotiations to reform police pay and conditions in good faith, constructively and fairly.

Our goal is to secure a future that delivers excellent policing for the public, that recognises the value and contribution of police officers in fighting crime and protecting the public, and acknowledges the unique qualities of commitment, professionalism and courage necessary to do our job.

Above all we look to the future where we are able to recruit and retain the best people to policing; a role we believe to be crucial in protecting the citizens of our nation, preserving the Queen's Peace and ensuring our democratic freedoms.

We are rightly proud of the reputation and standing of the British Police Service the world over and together we will do all we can to preserve all that is good about it.

Paul McKeever, Chairman, Police Federation of England and Wales

Derek Barnett, President, Police Superintendents' Association of England and Wales

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