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PAT Final Decision

Cost of Living Increase for Police Officers

WMS - Police Pay Review Body

Ian Rennie on Long Term Pension Reform

Federation News on Pensions

May 2015

11th  -  Motor Source May Offers
6th  -  Motor Source Group Deal of the Month


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Alton Towers Halloween Scarefest

Vauxhall Latest Offers

Vauxhall Latest Offers

VoiceMobile - iPhone 5 VoiceMobile - iPhone 5 Best Deal Yet

Federation House - In House Discount Vouchers

April 2015

30th  -  Lasting Powers of Attorney and Will package from Linder Myers
27th  -  Special Offers for Legoland, Thorpe Park and Chessington
20th  -  Gorvins Solicitor - The Experts in Police Family Law
20th  -  JBB Membership updated
14th  -  Looking for a new car on finance? Only £1,599 deposit
10th  -  Arc - Police Officers Legal Assistance - policy update
10th  -  Policing is "on its knees"
9th  -  Motor Source Group Deal of the Month
9th  -  Perrys Partner Vauxhall Scheme Offers
1st  -  Group Insurance Updates

March 2015

19th  -  Police Federation Legal Expenses Policy
11th  -  Budget cuts signal "meltdown" for policing in Kent
10th  -  Police Pensions - Some Facts
4th  -  Motor Source March Offers

February 2015

18th  -  Motor Source Deal of the Month
10th  -  West Midland Safari Park - Discounted tickets for Police Officers & Staff

January 2015

23rd  -  Concern over police resilience to maintain levels of service
15th  -  Perrys Partner Vauxhall Scheme Offers
14th  -  Motor Source January Offers

December 2014

31st  -  Members monthly clinics for 2015
16th  -  Vauxhall Free Fuel Event
12th  -  Chairmans Blog - Taser
4th  -  Perrys Partner Vauxhall Scheme Offers
4th  -  Motor Source December Offers

November 2014

27th  -  Open Meeting 2014
19th  -  Motor Source Deal of the Month - Citroen C4 Cactus
18th  -  Alton Towers Early Booking Offer for 2015
18th  -  HMIC inspection shows sustained accuracy of Kent Police's crime figures
10th  -  Motor Source November Offers
7th  -  Arrows 1066 Financial Services 5% Deposit Mortgages
5th  -  UK Police should help in Calais with the migrant problem? Non!

September 2014

23rd  -  Kent Open Meeting 2014
23rd  -  PFEW Policing Manifesto
4th  -  HMIC Report into crime reporting - "victims asked to investigate crimes themselves"

August 2014

5th  -  Motor Source August Offers
4th  -  Police Insure Competition

July 2014

29th  -  Perrys Partner Vauxhall Scheme Offers
22nd  -  Madame Tussauds London Discounted Tickets
21st  -  Suffolk PF Discounted Zoo Tickets
21st  -  Police Magazine for July
2nd  -  Warwick Castle Discounted Tickets

June 2014

23rd  -  New Policing Model Launch
18th  -  Resigning Officer under investigation? - Media release
12th  -  SchollsLiaison Officers
5th  -  Mrs Barnes Police & Crime Panel
4th  -  VoiceMobile June Offers
2nd  -  Discounted Tickets for Days Out in London

May 2014

30th  -  Plane over Police HQ - Press release
30th  -  "Meet the Police Commissioner" - The Morning After Press release
29th  -  Police Money Matters - 2014 Seminar Dates Updated
28th  -  Chairmans Blog - Conference 2014
28th  -  "Meet the Police Commissioner" - Press release
12th  -  Theme Park Spring Savers Discounts
2nd  -  Perrys Partner Vauxhall Scheme Offers
1st  -  HMIC Crime Recording

April 2014

23rd  -  Legoland, Thorpe Park and Chessington World of Adventure
15th  -  Canterbury Christ Church University - BSc Policing
14th  -  Introducing the Police Federation Peugeot Affinity Scheme
11th  -  Family Law Clinics - Rawlinson Butler Solicitors
9th  -  Latest VoiceMobile Offers

March 2014

27th  -  Media Release - HMIC - Domestic Abuse
11th  -  Letter to Dame Anne Owers
10th  -  Assimilated pay scales for Constables and Sergeants'
6th  -  VoiceMobile Spring Offers
5th  -  Arc Legal 2014 Renewal and Policy Amendments
4th  -  Discounted Attractions Tickets 2014
4th  -  Police Money Matters Seminar

February 2014

4th  -  BMW Offers
4th  -  Voicemobile New iPhone Offers

January 2014

7th  -  Forces Travel - January Sails

December 2013

12th  -  Perrys Partners New Years Event
4th  -  Motor Source December Offers
3rd  -  Alton Towers Early Booking 2014 Offers
3rd  -  Police Money Matters Seminar December 2013

November 2013

29th  -  Videos from Opening Meeting 2013
29th  -  O2 Mobile Offers For Members
25th  -  Opening Meeting Speech 2013
14th  -  Forces Travel - Win Mickey Competition
7th  -  Vauxhall November Big Event