Objectives of the Federation

The objects of the Police Federation are

"to represent members of Police Forces in England and Wales ...... in all matters affecting their welfare and efficiency, other than questions of discipline and promotion affecting individuals".
Statutory authority to this effect was continued by virtue of Section 44(1) of the Police Act of 1964. Membership is automatic from the first day of service, either as a Cadet or Constable until the final day of service or until a member is promoted to the rank of Superintendent.

In general terms, the Federation does for its members what a Trade Union seeks to do. In other words it negotiates on matters affecting pay, allowances, hours of duty, promotion, training, discipline and police duties are being considered and takes an active interest in a wide range of subjects affecting the Police Service. In this way, it is able to influence not only the living and working conditions of police officers, but also the development of professional standards. There are, of course, important differences between the Police Federation and a Trade Union. The Federation is controlled entirely by serving Police Officers; it is not affiliated or associated with any bodies outside the Service; and it does not have the power to call a strike or to take any form of industrial action and, most importantly, we all have responsibility for providing an efficient Police Service.

Although membership of the Police Federation is automatic, financial contribution from the members is entirely voluntary. It is, however, a measure of the support it receives from its members today that well over 99% contribute to the Funds.