Cuts are Criminal - Cuts have Consequences

In preparation for the Police Federation of England and Wales' Conference next week, Kent Police Federation is launching a high profile, local media campaign highlighting the consequences of the Government's 20% cut to the police budget. In a series of thought provoking newspaper advertisements, the people of Kent will be shown the impact of 500 fewer police officers in their communities.

Ian Pointon, Chairman of Kent Police Federation says,

"The Government has slashed spending on the police by 20% and told the public the frontline won't be affected. In reality they don't even understand what the frontline is - it is certainly far more than uniformed police officers on patrol as important as they are. A Government reassurance that cuts of this level can be found solely from the "back office" or through "efficiency savings" is at best poorly judged spin."

He continues,

"The public need to understand the reality of the cuts. There will be 500 fewer police officers in Kent in 4 years. Those reductions will have to be found from frontline departments - uniformed patrol, neighbourhood policing, counter terrorism, child abuse units, domestic abuse units, criminal investigation departments, etc. If uniformed patrols and neighbourhood policing are protected, then the 500 job losses will fall more heavily on other equally frontline departments. In reality the Government set the level of cuts without understanding the impact - an approach that is wholly irresponsible."

He concludes,

"The purpose of our advertising campaign is to inform the public of the stark reality of these cuts. Cuts of this depth won't be made by purchasing fewer paper clips, abolishing a form or two, or by reducing important back office functions that support the frontline. Rather the frontline will be cut and crime will rise. The Government is playing fast and loose with the safety of the people of Kent."



Kent Police Federation represents all constables, sergeants, inspectors and chief inspectors.

Ian Pointon can be contacted on 01622 652250.

The annual Police Federation of England & Wales' Conference will be held in Bournemouth from 17th to 19th May. Kent Police Federation will be sending 21 delegates.

The Home Secretary is scheduled to attend this conference on the morning of Wednesday 18th May.

The attached adverts will be published in print over 13th, 14th and 15th May in:

  • Your Tunbridge Wells, Kent on Saturday and Kent on Sunday.

They will also appear in the online e-editions of:

  • yourashford, yourcanterbury, yourswale, yourmaidstone, yourthanet, yourshepway, yourdover, yourmedway, yourdeal, yoursandwich


These advertisements will be followed by a series over the following 3 weekends.